Company Profile
PACHMAS PACKAGING LTD, is involved in the development, manufacture and marketing of rigid packaging for the industrial markets. The company, founded in 1935 in Kibbutz Ein-Hahoresh is fully owned by  Greif  Inc. ( and employs about 120 workers. A market leader in Israel, the company is looking to expand its operations abroad.


PACHMAS PACKAGING LTD is Israel's largest producer of UN certified metal, plastic and fiber drums. The kibbutz-based company also offers a range of other packaging products.


Industrial Packaging
This product range, comprising over 98% of the company's activities, includes steel drums (open-top, conical, fixed-end), plastic drums and jerrycans, fiber and composite drums, plastic and tin-plated steel pails, and IBC (intermediate bulk containers).


Hazardous Materials
PACHMAS PACKAGING LTD specializes in designing and manufacturing containers for storing hazardous materials and transporting them internationally. For example, chemical industries use Pachmas containers to package and transport toxic chemicals in liquid or powder form, including pesticides, acids, bromine compounds and flammable organic materials. The company's engineering and development department works with clients to customize solutions for each particular need.


Quality and Environmental Care
The company's emphasis on quality assurance begins with a product's initial design, continues through the material procurement and manufacturing stages, and concludes with product delivery. A high level of automation in the manufacturing process helps to ensure a uniform and quality product. All Pachmas products are manufactures and tested in accordance with UN regulations, and the company is certified ISO 9001 compliant. PACHMAS PACKAGING LTD is committed to environmental protection and invests great efforts in preventing air and water pollution, including installation of advanced systems for treating pollutants. PACHMAS PACKAGING LTD also promotes the recovery and recycling of steel, plastic and fiber drums, and other packaging containers.

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