Open Top Plastic Drum series - 120L
Capacity 120 L
Maximum diameter 490 mm
lid diameter 395 mm
Total height 832 mm
Total weight (with lid) 7.0 kg
Lid type Standart lid
lid closure lever lock ring
Handling -
material HDPE
color blue
Sector of use food / chemicals
 UN approval Y180/S
Standard S.K.U.s 9612045801

Main Features and Applications
  • Open Top Plastic Drums are suitable for packaging, storing and transporting of liquids (in a bag), solid, powders and pasty products.
  • The drums are manufactured from high molecular weight high density polyethylene for maximum chemical resistance.
  • The drums complies with FDA code 175.300 for indirect contact with food and drugs and with Israel standard 5113 for plastic migration tests
  • All drums contain UV stabilizer to ensure protection during long term exposure to sun irradiation.
  • UN's approval is available for the transportation of hazardous materials by land, sea or air.
  • A plastic removable lid is fitted for most types lids are fitted with galvanized lever lock ring. The high volume drums are fitted with a plastic locking ring (all plastic drum).